Hello, friends!

My name is Anna Parvati,
I’m a writer and traveler.

Hello, friends!

My name is Anna Parvati, I’m a writer and traveler. Parvati is the name that I have received in India, it means «mountain». And I bear it with gratitude because it recalls the heights of the human spirit. For as long as I can remember myself I have been writing: personal diaries (beginning when I was eight years old), school writings (as a favorite form of school work), several years in journalism, many travel notes (and much more thoughts, insights, images that wanted to be embodied by all means)…

In the last couple of years, I have been traveling a lot, and it’s impossible to keep silent about that. Once the texts were combined in a multi-colored fabric, and so it was «The Indian Cycle». After India, I created a story of my life and art in China. «The Chinese Cycle» narrates a difficult adjustment to this wonderful country.The previous five years my profession was consulting in the field of esotericism and psychology. Paying tribute to the cause, I released a compilation of texts written during that period. Now the book is being prepared to be published in Russia.

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Readers’ Feedback

«Proper literature is a rare thing today. I mean, the texts that have gone through the author’s heart and contain his emotions, the texts that are achieved through life experience, even a painful one… Well, Anna, please continue writing because you’re amazing at it!»

Ivan, 35 y.o.

«I have been reading this blog for a long time. The text «Stay Wild» is the most impressive for me. It’s written in a clear, keen, soft and unobtrusive style. There is wildness, freedom, tenderness, beauty in every sentence. I appreciate and respect these values very much. Thank you. It touched me.»

Elena, 39 y.o.

«Anna! I sank into your texts so deeply that I was almost late for work! You write so sincerely, warmly, emotionally! I love India with my whole heart and dream to come back. Your articles about the country brought me into those noisy, balmy, crowded, crazy streets. Thank you very much!P.s.: and besides, it’s obvious that yoga is not fitness to you but a real spiritual practice. That’s nice.»

Alena, 32 y.o.

«Thanks for the opportunity to follow your literature, art, and travels. I like your writing so much! When I was reading your stories and admiring pictures from India I felt carried away. Because there is so much light, true love, spirituality and an interest to people! I had thought that I knew a lot about India and its culture but when I was reading your notes I realized how far I was from reality (I even felt shame a little bit). Thank you for opening up for me a new view of this great country! I will look forward with eagerness to new stories and articles by you!»

Larisa, 55 y.o.